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JSkeleton is a swing based java application which can be used to quickly generate java class skeletons by specifying member variables. It generates set and get accessor methods for each member variable you specify.

In case you didn't read the paragraph above, the following is a list of things that JSkeleton is not:

The idea here is to allow users to quickly build classfiles at the early design phase of a project. Once the early class creation phase is over, users would import their generated classes into whatever ide they user. If your IDE already provides you with this functionality, then there is no reason to use this tool.

This tool is designed for Java developpers and assumes you know what you are doing.

This tool stems from my inherent laziness. I know that good java coding practice is to hide data representations, and use accessor methods. The problem is that this involves me typing far more than I would like. Using this tool I can build class skeletons with a minimal amount of effort.
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